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Introduction & price guide

After your initial phone call we book an appointment to come and visit you and your pet(s).  We complete some basic paperwork to ensure we have a record of your pet(s) to ensure we have their history and likes and dislikes.  We also record contact details for you and anyone else in case of an emergency.  We then run through your requirements and start date if you wish to make a booking.  Most visits are tailor made per client but as a general rule charges are set out below:

  Dog   Walking   Prices start from *£11.00 for a one off visit for 1 dog. Two   dogs = £12.00. We can also visit your dog(s) two or three   times a day if you need to be away from home or prefer
not to put your dog in a kennel overnight for short   absences. This will ensure peace of mind whilst you are   away from home.
  Cat   visiting   Prices start from *£11.00 for a one off visit for one-two   cats. For additional three-four cats, an extra £2.00 is   applicable.
  Prices start from *£11.00 for a daily visit depending on   requirement.
  *Basic price depending on location travelled to and   requirement.Final fee agreed includes travel time & petrol costs to   location.All  food, litter and bedding etc to be supplied by client.
A 50% deposit is required when making a firm booking.





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