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Passionate About Pets

In case you have to commute  and have a dog, you’ll know
the difficulty of walking it every day. Obviously its an
incredible anxiety buster to get out, however
there’ll be times when you’re working flat out and
simply can’t break off to walk your dog. On the other
hand there’ll be times when you’re working in
Cambridge or London for the day, and need your dog
walked and potentially, later in the day, fed.
Which is the where the services of an expert dog walker
like Cynthia Wright comes in.
Cynthia set up ‘Passionate About Pets’ 5 years ago after
moving from Essex to Norwich. She’s a
passionate pet lover herself and saw the need for a
reliable pet sitting/walking service.
Cynthia researched the area, then set to and got herself fully insured and police checked.
She became a member of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and set up Passionate
about Pets. Five years on, her business has steadily grown and she now regularly walks dogs, visits
cats, and caters for the needs of smaller animals such as fish, rabbits, chinchillas and dragons whilst
their owners are away. She’ll also happily perform other tasks that take the worry out whenever you
are away, she will protect and secure your home and belongings as if they were her own. She will do
things such as watering your plants/garden, moving post to a safe area, turning lights on and off,
opening and closing curtains and so forth, if needs be. In short, she offers a truly brilliant service all
Some more things:
An normal dog walk in the Golden Triangle will include your pet being walked in an open park, for
example, Chapelfield Gardens, UEA, Heigham Park or Earlham Park. Cynthia  does not let
dogs go unattended unless she knows them well and has your written instructions that say that she may do
so. Cynthia will only take a maximum of two dogs at a time – and most of the times it’s just one.
Walks might be thirty minutes to forty five minutes relying upon the amount activity is needed to
pick up the dog and get to the walking area.
Cynthia is sitting cats to and is able to visit them daily, groom, feed, clean everything and so forth, thus
providing an alternative to putting your cat in a cattery! That’ removes any stress for you and your cat! She
has likewise taken them to the vets or collected them, if needs be.
You can contact Cynthia on 07767 605361. Occasionally, “Cynthia walks our dogs and the welcome
they give to her when she knocks on the door is testimony to how well she does the job!”

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