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Services provided by “Passionate About Pets” “Passionate About Pets” offers a safe and secure pet sitting service. Your pet will remain in its own environment whilst you are away from home.  Our aim is to look after your pet so that it is less likely to become bored or stressed during your absence.  We can visit once a day or more regularly depending on your requirement.  We generally cover Norwich and the surrounding areas.  However, occasionally we travel further afield for an additional fee. Please see the list below for some of the services that we offer.

Dog walking Many households like to have a dog to keep them company as they are great companions to single people and families alike. However, dogs often get bored being left for long periods of time. This can lead to them scratching & biting your furniture and other possessions and generally wrecking valuable items in your home. Your pet also needs to get outside for regular toilet breaks otherwise the animal will use your home as its toilet. This is not nice for your animal or for you to return home to – especially after a long day at work. A dog that has regular walks is a happier animal and less prone to stress attacks. Whether you are out at work each day or due back later than usual we can help keep your pet stimulated by visiting it before your return home. Your pet can be visited as and when you require our help. One-off visits, or regular daily visits can all be catered for. As well as dog walking we can


  • Feed pets
  • Clean food bowls & refill when necessary
  • Change drinking water
  • Administer medication
  • Text you after each visit if you require (to reassure you that all is ok at home)
  • Let pets out into the garden & play with them if preferred
  • Brush them & make a fuss over them
  • Drop off or bring back from vet appointments
  • Open or shut your curtains
  • Water plants
  • Ensure your house looks “lived in” during your absence
  • Provide other services upon request

Cat Sitting
Most cats prefer to stay in their own surrounding. They like to sleep in their usual place and go out when it suits them if they have a cat flap.
This means they can then retain their independence as usual whilst you are away from home. They are generally much happier to stay at home rather than be put into a cattery. We can visit them once or twice a day to suit & feed and fuss over them if they are friendly enough to want the attention. We can also change their litter tray if your cat does not have a cat flap. This will ensure your pet is clean and happy during your absence. We can also brush your cat if it is a long haired cat which needs lots of grooming.



Smaller Pets & Fish
For your smaller pets, we can clean their cage and change bedding, as even rabbits and hamsters etc need regular attention to ensure they stay clean and warm. Again we can visit once a day to feed them or as per your requirement to ensure all pets are well and happy.





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